Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy holidays

Our most sincere holiday wishes go out to you as we celebrate the holiday season and reign in 2012.  Here's to another great year!

The illustration used to create the above holiday card is from the back cover of THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, illustrated by children's author/illustrator Roger Duvoisin!

Friday, December 16, 2011

POPE JOAN to premiere this weekend!

POPE JOAN, the two-part movie miniseries, will be premiering in just a few days: on December 18th and 19th!  Don't miss it on Reelz Channel, starting at 8 pm!

Reelz has been posting trailers and interviews with the author of the book, Donna Woolfolk Cross, in anticipation of the event.  The US premiere of the movie, which has taken international theaters by storm, will feature never-before-seen film footage as well as behind-the-scenes clips and further interviews with Donna Woolfolk Cross.  Check out the trailer and an interview below:

Pope Joan | Hollywood Dailies | Pope Joan | Movie Trailer | Review

Meanwhile, the book that inspired the movie is being featured on Crown Publishing's Read It Forward website (view here) and the movie is being featured on Random House's Word & Film website (view here).

To participate in the conversation before the film, join the GoodReads Q&A here.  You can also learn a lot more about the film and book on the author's GoodReads page here.  During both nights of the film, there will be a Tweetup, where you can ask the author, @DonnaWCross, your questions.  Use the hashtag #PopeJoan.

Everyone's getting excited--be sure to tune in!!

Crown, 1996, 2009

Friday, December 9, 2011

THE LAND OF PAINTED CAVES is still going strong!

Congratulations to Jean Auel, whose THE LAND OF PAINTED CAVES was released in paperback and mass market last month and whose name has been hitting bestseller lists ever since! THE LAND OF PAINTED CAVES was first released in hardcover in March (Crown), after which it was on the New York Times bestseller list for 19 weeks. Now, the mass market edition, published by Bantam, has reached #5 on the New York Times mass market list for December 11! And on December 18, it will be #6 on the mass market list.

Since its initial release, THE LAND OF PAINTED CAVES has also been on the Publishers Weekly's bestseller list for 13 weeks.  It reached #4 on the mass market list this week.

So be sure to open up your New York Times Book Review this weekend to find THE LAND OF PAINTED CAVES!

Bantam, November 2011

Friday, December 2, 2011

Comic strip book review!

The best book reviews are in comic strip form!  Check out the below comic strip book review for Joe Woodward's ALIVE INSIDE THE WRECK: A Biography of Nathanael West from The Rumpus's Horn! Reviews

You can learn more about the book, published this month from O/R Books, at the author's website here!

O/R Books, November 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

POPE JOAN to premiere in the US on Reelz!

We've just heard exciting news that the film POPE JOAN, based on Donna Woolfolk Cross's novel of the same name (Crown, 1996, 2009), will premiere in the US on Reelz Channel as a two-night miniseries!  The film will appear on December 18th and 19th.

POPE JOAN takes place in the 9th century and tells the fascinating story of a controversial figure of historical record: a woman who disguised herself as a man and eventually became Pope.  Sonke Wortmann directed POPE JOAN, which stars Johanna Wokalek, David Wenham, and John Goodman.  It was first released in October 2009 and premiered worldwide in Berlin, Germany, where it was the #1 film.  It also appeared in theaters in the UK, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, and Belgium, among other countries.  View the stunning German movie poster below:

Be sure to tune into Reelz on December 18th and 19th!  Learn more on Reelz's website here, or Donna Woolfolk Cross's website here.  And find out even more by reading the book!

 Crown, 1996, 2009

Friday, November 11, 2011

Who really was "The Bard"?

Mark Anderson's acclaimed "SHAKESPEARE" BY ANOTHER NAME is out this week for the first time digitally from Untreed Reeds!  "SHAKESPEARE" BY ANOTHER NAME is the biography of the man who exhaustive research suggests is the true author of the complete Shakespeare oeuvre: Edward de Vere, the 17th earl of Oxford.  First published by the Penguin imprint Gotham Books in 2005, the book has received incredible praise across the US: "Deserves serious attention" (The New York Times); "Quite a compelling argument" (The Chicago Sun-Times); "Especially impressive" (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution).

You may recognize similarities between Anderson's book and the new movie ANONYMOUS currently out in theaters.  The movie is a fictionalized version of many of the arguments Anderson has put forth.

In fact, Anderson is a veritable powerhouse of information in the debate about who Shakespeare really was, as his website can attest (view it here!).  In the below Studio 360 audio interview and an article for (viewable here), Anderson compiles the most compelling pieces of evidence.  Be sure to check them out, but learn even more about Edward de Vere and the controversy by reading "SHAKESPEARE" BY ANOTHER NAME!

Studio 360 audio interview:

Untreed Reads, November 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011

Re-released classic picture books

The coming of November brings with it the re-release of two beloved picture books! 

Beautifully worded and vividly illustrated,  A STARLIT SNOWFALL was born out of the collaboration of Newbery Medalist Nancy Willard and Caldecott Medalist Jerry Pinkney.  Originally published as A STARLIT SOMERSAULT DOWNHILL by Little, Brown in 1993, this gorgeous repackaging invites a new generation of children to experience the wonder of winter.  In a starred review, Kirkus praised the previous edition for its "gossamer lyric verse, delicate as early snow."  Booklist noted that, "graceful in both picture and word, this [book] creates a mood that transcends the intricacies of the text." The repackaged edition will appear in stores this Monday! 

 Little, Brown, November 2011

Another re-release appearing at the end of the month is LAPIN PLAYS POSSUM: Trickster Tales from the Louisiana Bayou written by Sharon Arms Doucet and illustrated by Scott Cook.  The book compiles three lively trickster tales of Cajun Louisiana's version of Brer Rabbit.  It first appeared from Farrar, Straus, & Giroux in June 2002.  Reviewers hailed the "colorful vocabulary and peppery idioms [that] season each page" (Publishers Weekly) and the "sly, hilarious regionalisms...spiced with bayou phrases...[that make it] a fine addition to folklore collections" (Booklist). 

Pelican Publishing, November 2011

Be sure to pick up these classics this month!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Praise after praise heaped on IF JACK'S IN LOVE

IF JACK'S IN LOVE, just released this October from debut author Stephen Wetta, is an Indie Next Pick for the month, and excellent reviews for it just keep coming in!  Here's a sampling:

"[A] wonderfully written marvel of a book: a work both gripping and hilarious, joyous and heartbreakingly bittersweet." --The Wall Street Journal

"Deftly, Wetta illuminates the gulf between the innocence of age 12 and the realizations that arise at 13...At turns unsparing, tender, and disturbing when it comes to rivalry and the nuances of love versus obligation, this is no typical bildungsroman.  That Jack emerges from a crucible determined never to look back is unsurprising; it is the path leading him to this conclusion that is intelligently, wonderfully conceived." --Publishers Weely, starred review

"[An] auspicious debut...IF JACK'S IN LOVE is a moving portrait of a specific time, family, and town, but also a universal story of growing up and coming to terms with the people--and places--that raise us, told with all the humor, truth, and urgency of its teenage hero." --BookPage

"You will fall in love with Jack's endearing voice as he recounts the summer he fell in love and ultimately grew up." --Chatelaine (Canada)

"Wetta has a deft touch at balancing the laugh-out-loud moments with some of the darker plot twists. All the characters feel authentic in their motives, words, and actions throughout, and Jack's relationship with his family members, Gladstein, and Myra are written with compassion and heart...Wetta is an author to watch."

Be sure to pick up a copy of the book!  And find out more about this incredible author at his website,

 Penguin/Amy Einhorn Books, October 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

Margolin father-daughter team interviewed for VANISHING ACTS

In a follow-up to the other week's post, we have a fantastic video of Phillip Margolin and Ami Margolin Rome being interviewed on the morning show AM Northwest for the release of their middle-grade novel VANISHING ACTS!

Friday, October 21, 2011

GHOSTS IN THE FOG reviews, videos, and WWII revelations

Just released this month, GHOSTS IN THE FOG by Samantha Seiple is a gripping narrative nonfiction account of the little-known Japanese invasion into Alaska during World War II.  Seiple's website has a wealth of intriguing photos and videos about this facet of history, which you can view at this link!  Be sure to also check out Seiple's editor at Scholastic talking about the book at the video below.  GHOSTS IN THE FOG is in great company!

"Grabs the reader...Ms. Seiple has brought us a treasure." --Library Media Connection

"Just when you thought everything that could be written about the major battles of World War II had been, along comes GHOSTS IN THE FOG...Riveting descriptions and insights." --North County Times

"An enlightening account full of compelling stories of survival and perseverance." --Kirkus

"Well-researched and incredibly detailed." --VOYA 

Scholastic, October 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

Bookstores prepping for the release of VANISHING ACTS

VANISHING ACTS, an exciting new middle grade mystery from New York Times bestselling thriller author Phillip Margolin (SUPREME JUSTICE, FUGITIVE) and his daughter Ami Margolin Rome, is coming out next week. Bookstores across the US are already preparing for the release, with Powell's Books in Oregon highlighting the authors and their upcoming local talk and signing on the bookstore marquee! 

Check out this great early review for the book:

"[VANISHING ACTS] pulls a few Nancy Drew parallels into a wholly contemporary story.  Like titian-haired Nancy, 12-year-old Madison Kincaid lost her mother in early childhood and lives with her well-known, highly successful attorney dad.  And, like Nancy, Madison is a well-rounded high-achiever...The authors work in realistic emotional tensions as they thread their way through the two central plot strands...A budding romance and vivid court scenes give readers more reasons to hope for future installments of Madison's adventures." --Booklist

 HarperCollins, October 2011

Friday, September 30, 2011

MY CELEBRITY, MY NEW YORK featured on Pix 11 News

Journalist Jeryl Brunner's MY CELEBRITY, MY NEW YORK: Famous New Yorkers Share Their Favorite Places comes out next week, and the book and author have just been featured on Pix 11 News!  Brunner has written for InStyle Magazine, O Magazine, People, and Us Weekly.  Her interviews with celebrities inspired her book, which features the secret hot-spots celebrities love to visit in New York City.  Brunner calls the book "a love letter to New York." 

Be sure to check out the Pix 11 video below!  In a neat twist, Brunner's interviewer also happens to be a JVNLA author: Karen Schaler, author of TRAVEL THERAPY (   

MY CELEBRITY, MY NEW YORK comes out from Globe Pequot Press in October 2011.  Learn more about Jeryl Brunner and MY CELEBRITY, MY NEW YORK at!


Friday, September 23, 2011

Italian trailer for A SEA IN FLAMES

Carl Safina's A SEA IN FLAMES (Crown, April 2011) has just been released in Italy, and the publisher, VerdeNero, has created a fabulous trailer for the book!  Now, it may be a little difficult to understand the entire trailer if you don't speak Italian, but we thought this was just too cool not to share!

US reviews for this incredible book: 

"[A SEA IN FLAMES] offers a revealing, thoughtful history of a moment when human manipulation of nature malfunctioned spectacularly...Written in a clear, conversational style...Readers will find the book accessible and agreeable...An insightful work." --The New York Times Book Review

"Not since Rachel Carson wrote her sea trilogy has a conservationist written about marine ecosystems with the factual elegance of Carl Safina." --The Washington Post

Friday, September 16, 2011


Mary McGarry Morris's LIGHT FROM A DISTANT STAR has just received a stunning rave review from The Associated Press, and it has been reprinted and re-posted by newspapers across the US!  You can read the full review by clicking here.  An excerpt is below.

Including this new rave, several reviews have now compared Morris's novel to Harper Lee's TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.  Lee's widely beloved classic has been popular in the media lately, with UK readers having just voted it as the #1 book they want to receive on the next World Book Night (see link here).  For anyone who's ever read and enjoyed TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, be sure to pick up what's sure to become a new classic: LIGHT FROM A DISTANT STAR!

LIGHT FROM A DISTANT STAR was released into bookstores this week.  Learn more about the author here:
From The Associated Press:

Morris laces new novel with growing sense of dread
By Monica Rhor
Morris's finely crafted prose--simple and lyrical--captures perfectly that sliver of pre-adolescence when the very world around us seems to shudder and shift, when the adults we admire suddenly reveal their flaws, and everything we treasure seems to be slipping away...The journey of Nellie, smart, independent, and unwilling to bend, into being a traditional girl, recalls the central thread of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD where violence and tragedy also propel Scout Finch into a deeper understanding of human nature.  
But unlike that book, in which Atticus Finch forms an unassailable center of honor and integrity, LIGHT FROM A DISTANT STAR portrays a muddled adult world, where honor can often hide weakness, success can mask cruelty, and even heroes can harbor dark impulses.  
Morris...nimbly laces her latest novel with a growing sense of dread, hinting at the awfulness that is about to enter the lives of Nellie and her fragile family.  But it is that awfulness the violence itself, the aftermath, or simply the terrible knowledge that comes when all veneers are stripped away?
The lessons of LIGHT FROM A DISTANT STAR may not be as uplifting as the clearly drawn morality of Harper Lee's classic, but Nellie Peck's stubborn belief in the goodness of a fellow human being offers a much-needed counterpoint to our culture of cynicism and moral muddiness.
Crown, September 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011

POPE JOAN author on the Oprah Winfrey Network

On Wednesday, September 21, at 10 pm, the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) will be airing a Primetime special on the fascinating and controversial history of Pope Joan, featuring author Donna Woolfolk Cross!

Cross's historical novel POPE JOAN (Crown 2009 reprint) has been a smashing success since its initial release in 1996. The international bestseller has sold in 33 countries and has been described as "a fascinating and moving account" by Library Journal. The Los Angeles Times Book Review said it had "all the elements one wants in a historical drama--love, sex, violence, duplicity, and long-buried secrets."

The Primetime special originally aired on ABC in 2005. According to the OWN website, the special takes "a look at the mystery and lore behind the medieval legend of Pope Joan, believed by many to be the only female pointiff of the Roman Catholic Church."

Be sure to tune in! Plus, learn more about the author of POPE JOAN and her novel at!

Crown, 2009

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sneak peek of THE LAST NUDE!

Check out the beautiful cover for Ellis Avery's newest, THE LAST NUDE, a sweeping historical set in 1920s Paris! The novel chronicles the affair between artist Tamara de Lempicka and the young woman who posed for her most iconic Jazz Age images, Rafaela. Fittingly, the cover portrays one of de Lempicka's most famous paintings of Rafaela, The Dream (1927).

Riverhead Books, January 2012

This book won't be out until January, but it has already received some fabulous reviews, as well as an incredible interview with Emma Donoghue, bestselling author of ROOM. You can read the interview online, here. THE LAST NUDE is also a Library Journal pick and has been featured in Go Magazine. It is also already available for online pre-order!

"As erotica and powerful as the paintings that inspired it, Ellis Avery's artist-muse love story is as much about money, class, and betrayal." --Emma Donoghue

"A remarkable novel: at once a seductive evocation of Lost Generation Paris, a faithful literary rendering of Tamara de Lempicka's idiosyncratic and groundbreaking art, and a vibrant, intelligent, moving story in its own right. It's also smoking hot." --Emily Barton, author of BROOKLAND

"A sly, sleekly written stereograph of art, desire, and desperation in Paris in the '20s, THE LAST NUDE brings Rafaela to electric life, much as Tamara de Lempicka did when she painted her." --Alexander Chee, author of EDINBURGH

"THE LAST NUDE carries us through one of the most fascinating and turbulent periods in modern art, and into the minds and bodies of two of art history's most riveting heroines. With prose and imagery that are both lyrical and unabashedly sensual, Avery breathes life and depth into famed artist's muse Rafaela, tracing her rocky but thrilling path from lost girl to Lost Generation icon, and laying bare acts of love, desire, and betrayal with all the assuredness of a master artist herself." --Jennifer Epstein, author of THE PAINTER FROM SHANGHAI

"Avery transports the reader on a fast-paced magic carpet ride to Paris between the World Wars, a time when artists, patrons, and models fused the business of sex and art, with deeply painful results." --Aaron Hamburger, author of FAITH FOR BEGINNERS

Friday, August 26, 2011


EVERY DAY ON EARTH by father-son team Matt and Steve Murrie has been named a Quick Pick by the Young Adult Library Services Association! Check out these great reviews for this highly informative and incredibly fun fact book:

"This is the kind of book I would have loved to have growing up...This is a perfect book to make learning fun!" --Rosemary's Reading Circle Blog

"It's an easy book to read and belongs out in the open around the house rather than on the bookshelf, because it's great for spot entertainment, or for breaking the ice at parties, or simply for reinforcing knowledge in oneself or one's kids." --New York Journal of Books

"It's the type of book I remember ADORING when I was 9 or 10 years old." --Mama Smiles Blog

Scholastic, August 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

Discerning wolves agree: SECRETS OF THE WOLVES is great!

At her reading of SECRETS OF THE WOLVES in Berkeley, CA, author Dorothy Hearst brought along real wolves for the audience to meet and learn about. As you can see below, one wolf thought her book was so good he tried eating it!

SECRETS OF THE WOLVES is the second in The Wolf Chronicles trilogy, in which Hearst imagines a time 14,000 years ago when humans and wolves lived not so different lives, a time when they had to learn to cooperate and depend on one another in order to survive. Visit the author's website to learn more by clicking here!

"If you liked WATERSHIP DOWN, you must read PROMISE OF THE WOLVES." --Jean Auel, New York Times bestselling author

"A crackling foray into a dangerous past...Immediately absorbing...Hearst's keen interpretations of wolf behavior, senses, and sensibilities will enchant paranormal fans and animal lovers alike." --Publishers Weekly, on PROMISE OF THE WOLVES

"A vivid, enchanting tale of friendship, trust, and adventure, good Tolkien-esque ingredients." --Kirkus Reviews, on PROMISE OF THE WOLVES

Simon & Schuster, August 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

Upcoming titles already receiving excellent reviews

September will see the release of New York Times bestselling author Mary McGarry Morris's LIGHT FROM A DISTANT STAR and standout debut author Stephen Wetta's IF JACK'S IN LOVE. Check out the phenomenal press these novels have already begun accumulating!

"Morris offers a timeless and timely look at small town life, as seen by wise, verbose...thirteen-year-old heroine Nellie Peck...Morris's page-turner (which evokes TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD) will...send new readers searching for her earlier titles." --Publisher's Weekly

Crown, September 2011

"Deftly, Wetta illuminats the gulf between the innocence of age 12 and the realizations that arise at 13...At turns unsparing, tender, and disturbing when it comes to rivalry and the nuances of love versus obligation, this is no typical bildungsroman. That Jack emerges from a crucible determined never to look back is unsurprising; it is the path leading him to this conclusion that is intelligently, wonderfully conceived." --Publishers Weekly

Amy Einhorn Books/Penguin, September 2011

Friday, July 8, 2011

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Phenomenal reviews for AMONG THE MISSING by Morag Joss

This remarkable novel has an abundance of suspense at its core, put forth in beautiful prose that all but glows on the page...Vivid, propulsive language.” --Booklist, starred review

“Joss builds the suspense with the touch of a master...AMONG THE MISSING—haunting and affecting—is a novel so striking that the reader will feel the rush of the river, the collapse of the girders and, most of all, the compassion of its creator.” --Richmond Times-Dispatch

An exceptional piece of writing. This is a marvelously executed narrative that underscores the invisible ties that bind us to our identities, to our histories, and to one another.” --Tucson Citizen

Beautiful, evocative.” --Romantic Times Book Reviews, Top Pick, 4 1/2 stars

Delacorte, June 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011


Looking for a funny, unique, and inventive gift for Father's Day? Look no further than THE PRACTICAL NAPPER by Jennifer Eyre White! The book--which compiles research-based facts, celebrity quotes, and humorous insights on why everyone should nap more--was featured in USA Today as a great gift idea for this Sunday's most paternal of celebrations. Read the full article by clicking here.

Andrews McMeel, June 2011

Friday, June 10, 2011


MTV's Clutch Blog is featuring Natasha Burton, Julie Fishman, and Meagan McCrary's THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK OF BIG RED FLAGS! The blog emphasizes some simple "DOs" and "DON'Ts" for guys based on the hilarious and horrifying dating stories in the book. Read the MTV feature by clicking here.

And don't forget to check out the blog that started THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK OF BIG RED FLAGS at!

Adams Media, June 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

Safina Interviewed in The Atlantic

A SEA IN FLAMES, the newest title by ecologist and marine conservationist Carl Safina has been making waves since its late April release! Check out his interview in The Atlantic by clicking here.

Crown, April 2011

Friday, April 29, 2011

Astounding Praise for MINDING BEN by Victoria Brown

With features in The New York Times, People, NPR, and New York Daily News, MINDING BEN by debut author Victoria Brown is a hit! Check out excerpts from the phenomenal reviews it has received:

What makes this title stand out from other nanny fiction is the author’s focus on Grace’s island culture and the West Indian nannies and friends with whom Grace spends time. Revealing New York’s melting pot at its most complicated, this interesting first novel is told from the perspective of someone who has been there and done that. Brown drew from her personal experience as a young immigrant nanny, and her story is fascinating, tender, and heartbreaking.” --Library Journal, starred review

Refreshing...What gives this story its momentum is Grace’s endearing personality and strength of character.” --The Baltimore Times

One great book.” --People

Part of the novel’s appeal lies in Grace’s spirited voice, but the fascinating insider details on the nanny life also add an extra dimension...Although a social satire in some ways like THE NANNY DIARIES, MINDING BEN is also a moving immigrant story. Brown vividly depicts the vibrant and diverse West Indian communities of Brooklyn’s Crown Heights neighborhood...Especially notable is the author’s knack for the colorful patois that distinguish various Caribbean nationalities...Brown was...not afraid to tackle the thorny issues of race, religion, and class.” --Library Journal, Editor's Pick Review

Troubling and touching...The language of the Caribbean sings through the pages.” --Publishers Weekly

Brown is a new voice with much to offer.” --Kirkus

Like THE NANNY DIARIES and THE HELP, MINDING BEN probes the racial and class dynamics between nannies and their wealthy employers ... Brown, herself an immigrant who worked as a nanny, brings alive both Grace’s quest to be independent and her resourcefulness in dealing with the condescension of Manhattan’s elite. ” --Booklist

"A realistic and utterly compelling immigrant story that is also hopeful and witty. I look forward to more from Victoria Brown, who is a lyrical, arresting writer and a fresh new voice in fiction." --Amy Sohn, New York Times bestselling author of PROSPECT PARK WEST

Grace Caton’s pursuit of the American Dream is a story of courage and elegance in circumstances that are not always easy or even kind. Brown’s writing is at once gritty and big-hearted, full of deep pathos and, also, celebration. Like Jhumpa Lahiri, Brown chronicles the immigrant experience with affection, grace, and depth.--Caitlin Shetterly, NPR contributor and author of MADE FOR YOU AND ME

Hyperion Voice, April 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

Rave reviews for Timothy Schaffert's THE COFFINS OF LITTLE HOPE

Due to publish on Tuesday, THE COFFINS OF LITTLE HOPE by Timothy Schaffert has been receiving phenomenal press, and the feature that appeared in The New York Times on Wednesday is only the latest! The book is also an Indie Next List pick for May 2011 and has received a starred Publishers Weekly review. Here is a sampling of some of the excellent quotes:

Each of [Schaffert's] books is a quirky little gem, particularly the first one...There’s a lot of plot to THE COFFINS OF LITTLE HOPE. But Mr. Schaffert’s style is so gossamer-light that the story elements don’t become cumbersome. His book can accommodate a large cast of characters who bump into one another with an almost screwball regularity...Mr. Schaffert’s sly wit and frank affection for his characters can make him sound like a very American Alexander McCall Smith. ..A faint but important frisson of fear runs all through this seeming lightheartedness, giving the book a spooky undercurrent.” --The New York Times

Read the full NYT review by clicking HERE.

It's small town, big drama in Schaffert's sublime latest...Schaffert spins out the story and its offbeat characters with compassion, spoofing the nation's voracious appetite for "news" and suggesting that perhaps not all stories are created equal. Piercing observations and sharp, subtle wit make this a standout.--Publishers Weekly, starred review

Unbridled Press, April 2011

Friday, March 4, 2011

Trailer for A DOUBLE LIFE by Lisa Catherine Harper!

A DOUBLE LIFE by Lisa Catherine Harper

Winner of the 2009 River Teeth Literary Nonfiction Prize

University of Nebraska Press, March 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday, January 7, 2011

Trailer and reviews for THE VIEW FROM LAZY POINT by Carl Safina

Carl Safina's THE VIEW FROM LAZY POINT (Henry Holt), just released on January 4, has been receiving phenomenal reviews! Here's a sampling:

A superb work of environmental reportage and reflection.” --Kirkus, starred review

[A] lyrical conversationist...[A] compassionate account.” --Publishers Weekly

A book of beautifully modulated patterns and gracefully stated imperatives. --Booklist

A true masterpiece...LAZY POINT just might become the 21st century's WALDEN POND.” --Gary Soucie, former editor of Audubon Magazine

Moves easily from revelatory passionate, lyrical philosophy.” --The Economist

Check out what Safina himself has to say about it in the promo video: