Friday, November 4, 2011

Re-released classic picture books

The coming of November brings with it the re-release of two beloved picture books! 

Beautifully worded and vividly illustrated,  A STARLIT SNOWFALL was born out of the collaboration of Newbery Medalist Nancy Willard and Caldecott Medalist Jerry Pinkney.  Originally published as A STARLIT SOMERSAULT DOWNHILL by Little, Brown in 1993, this gorgeous repackaging invites a new generation of children to experience the wonder of winter.  In a starred review, Kirkus praised the previous edition for its "gossamer lyric verse, delicate as early snow."  Booklist noted that, "graceful in both picture and word, this [book] creates a mood that transcends the intricacies of the text." The repackaged edition will appear in stores this Monday! 

 Little, Brown, November 2011

Another re-release appearing at the end of the month is LAPIN PLAYS POSSUM: Trickster Tales from the Louisiana Bayou written by Sharon Arms Doucet and illustrated by Scott Cook.  The book compiles three lively trickster tales of Cajun Louisiana's version of Brer Rabbit.  It first appeared from Farrar, Straus, & Giroux in June 2002.  Reviewers hailed the "colorful vocabulary and peppery idioms [that] season each page" (Publishers Weekly) and the "sly, hilarious regionalisms...spiced with bayou phrases...[that make it] a fine addition to folklore collections" (Booklist). 

Pelican Publishing, November 2011

Be sure to pick up these classics this month!

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