Friday, November 11, 2011

Who really was "The Bard"?

Mark Anderson's acclaimed "SHAKESPEARE" BY ANOTHER NAME is out this week for the first time digitally from Untreed Reeds!  "SHAKESPEARE" BY ANOTHER NAME is the biography of the man who exhaustive research suggests is the true author of the complete Shakespeare oeuvre: Edward de Vere, the 17th earl of Oxford.  First published by the Penguin imprint Gotham Books in 2005, the book has received incredible praise across the US: "Deserves serious attention" (The New York Times); "Quite a compelling argument" (The Chicago Sun-Times); "Especially impressive" (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution).

You may recognize similarities between Anderson's book and the new movie ANONYMOUS currently out in theaters.  The movie is a fictionalized version of many of the arguments Anderson has put forth.

In fact, Anderson is a veritable powerhouse of information in the debate about who Shakespeare really was, as his website can attest (view it here!).  In the below Studio 360 audio interview and an article for (viewable here), Anderson compiles the most compelling pieces of evidence.  Be sure to check them out, but learn even more about Edward de Vere and the controversy by reading "SHAKESPEARE" BY ANOTHER NAME!

Studio 360 audio interview:

Untreed Reads, November 2011

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