Friday, September 23, 2011

Italian trailer for A SEA IN FLAMES

Carl Safina's A SEA IN FLAMES (Crown, April 2011) has just been released in Italy, and the publisher, VerdeNero, has created a fabulous trailer for the book!  Now, it may be a little difficult to understand the entire trailer if you don't speak Italian, but we thought this was just too cool not to share!

US reviews for this incredible book: 

"[A SEA IN FLAMES] offers a revealing, thoughtful history of a moment when human manipulation of nature malfunctioned spectacularly...Written in a clear, conversational style...Readers will find the book accessible and agreeable...An insightful work." --The New York Times Book Review

"Not since Rachel Carson wrote her sea trilogy has a conservationist written about marine ecosystems with the factual elegance of Carl Safina." --The Washington Post

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