Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sneak peek of THE LAST NUDE!

Check out the beautiful cover for Ellis Avery's newest, THE LAST NUDE, a sweeping historical set in 1920s Paris! The novel chronicles the affair between artist Tamara de Lempicka and the young woman who posed for her most iconic Jazz Age images, Rafaela. Fittingly, the cover portrays one of de Lempicka's most famous paintings of Rafaela, The Dream (1927).

Riverhead Books, January 2012

This book won't be out until January, but it has already received some fabulous reviews, as well as an incredible interview with Emma Donoghue, bestselling author of ROOM. You can read the interview online, here. THE LAST NUDE is also a Library Journal pick and has been featured in Go Magazine. It is also already available for online pre-order!

"As erotica and powerful as the paintings that inspired it, Ellis Avery's artist-muse love story is as much about money, class, and betrayal." --Emma Donoghue

"A remarkable novel: at once a seductive evocation of Lost Generation Paris, a faithful literary rendering of Tamara de Lempicka's idiosyncratic and groundbreaking art, and a vibrant, intelligent, moving story in its own right. It's also smoking hot." --Emily Barton, author of BROOKLAND

"A sly, sleekly written stereograph of art, desire, and desperation in Paris in the '20s, THE LAST NUDE brings Rafaela to electric life, much as Tamara de Lempicka did when she painted her." --Alexander Chee, author of EDINBURGH

"THE LAST NUDE carries us through one of the most fascinating and turbulent periods in modern art, and into the minds and bodies of two of art history's most riveting heroines. With prose and imagery that are both lyrical and unabashedly sensual, Avery breathes life and depth into famed artist's muse Rafaela, tracing her rocky but thrilling path from lost girl to Lost Generation icon, and laying bare acts of love, desire, and betrayal with all the assuredness of a master artist herself." --Jennifer Epstein, author of THE PAINTER FROM SHANGHAI

"Avery transports the reader on a fast-paced magic carpet ride to Paris between the World Wars, a time when artists, patrons, and models fused the business of sex and art, with deeply painful results." --Aaron Hamburger, author of FAITH FOR BEGINNERS

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