Friday, October 21, 2011

GHOSTS IN THE FOG reviews, videos, and WWII revelations

Just released this month, GHOSTS IN THE FOG by Samantha Seiple is a gripping narrative nonfiction account of the little-known Japanese invasion into Alaska during World War II.  Seiple's website has a wealth of intriguing photos and videos about this facet of history, which you can view at this link!  Be sure to also check out Seiple's editor at Scholastic talking about the book at the video below.  GHOSTS IN THE FOG is in great company!

"Grabs the reader...Ms. Seiple has brought us a treasure." --Library Media Connection

"Just when you thought everything that could be written about the major battles of World War II had been, along comes GHOSTS IN THE FOG...Riveting descriptions and insights." --North County Times

"An enlightening account full of compelling stories of survival and perseverance." --Kirkus

"Well-researched and incredibly detailed." --VOYA 

Scholastic, October 2011

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