Monday, March 11, 2013

"Reminiscent of the best years of historical romance": Jane Ashford's Regency romances, new and re-released

Jane Ashford has been writing Regency romances since 1980. Her novels have been called “beautifully crafted” (Publishers Weekly), “riveting” (Rendezvous), and “scintillating” (Affaire de Coeur). In the words of Romance Communications, “Reading an Ashford novel borders on the euphoric as it tosses delight upon delight!”

Ashford wrote 18 Regency romances before taking a break from them in 1999, but this year she returns with a new Regency romance, ONCE AGAIN A BRIDE, which was published by Sourcebooks in February. Sourcebooks will also be re-releasing Ashford's 18-title backlist in stages over the next few years, with another, all-new, Regency romance coming out next year.

2013 is a very different time from the 1980s or 1990s, when Ashford's books first appeared. Accordingly, Sourcebooks has given Ashford's romances a shiny, new Regency look for our contemporary era. Below is the cover for Ashford's newest, ONCE AGAIN A BRIDE, featuring a mostly shirtless male and a Kate Hudson look-a-like:

MAN OF HONOUR will be the first Ashford book to be re-released by Sourcebooks. It was originally published by Warner Books in 1981 and will come out in September 2013. Below is the old, 1981 cover:

And, now, drumroll please for the 2013 cover:

THE MARRIAGE WAGER will be published by Sourcebooks in October 2013. Bantam Dell originally published it in 1996 with the below cover:

And, now, drumroll please for the 2013 cover:

Ashford has been traversing the internet, giving blog interviews, since the release of ONCE AGAIN A BRIDE. Over at Reading Romances, Ashford discusses the most important factors that go into the creation of her heroines and heroes: “I like them to be strong, able to bounce back from adversity, and kind.” Read more here, including which romance writer has influenced Ashford most and several fun facts about ONCE AGAIN A BRIDE.

Over at Historical Hussies, Ashford discusses how restricting marriage laws were for women in Regency England. The issue forms the basis of the plot in ONCE AGAIN A BRIDE. As Ashford explains, “As soon as she married, a woman's existence was incorporated into that of her husband, giving her the status of a feme covert (English spelling of a medieval Anglo-Norman phrase meaning 'covered woman'). She became, essentially, a non-person in the eyes of the law.” Read more about the ins and outs of Regency-era marriage laws here.

The reviews for ONCE AGAIN A BRIDE have been full of praise. Check out a sampling below:

“Ashford delights with a smoothly told Regency-era double romance in which gentry and faithful servants alike find family, love, and belonging...Offers a near-perfect example of everything that makes this genre an escapist joy to read: unsought love triumphs despite difficult circumstances, unpleasantness is resolved and mysteries cleared, and good people get the happy lives they deserve.” --Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Ashford spices up the plot of her latest Regency historical with an intriguing thread of mystery while at the same time realistically tempering the story with details about the social and political unrest of the time.” --Booklist

“Danger, mystery, and a Gothic slant add a touch of intrigue...Well-rendered, relatable characters, superb writing, an excellent sense of time and place, and gentle wit make this a romance that shouldn’t be missed. After an absence of ten years from the romance market, Ashford returns with a Regency winner that will please her longtime fans and garner new ones, as well.” --Library Journal

“ONCE AGAIN A reminiscent of the best years of historical romance. Sweet and incredibly refined, this is a historical romance that proves second chances at love are always possible...Jane Ashford returns to the romance genre with grace and if anything else could be expected. ONCE AGAIN A BRIDE is a passionate and emotionally engaging read that historical romance fans will love.” --The Romance Reviews

Reminded me of an episode of Downton Abbey slightly turned on its head...A good must-read for Regency lovers.” --By the Broomstick Blog

“ONCE AGAIN A BRIDE is a really exciting Regency romance filled with intrigue and suspense...This is a not-to-miss and highly recommended historical Regency romance that follows a dark trail of murder and suspense. If you like a bit of thrill with your romance then you'll definitely want to try this one.” --Night Owl Romance, Reviewer Top Pick

Be sure to keep your eye out for more of Ashford's Regency romances—both new releases and re-releases—in the near future!

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