Thursday, March 28, 2013

Adults and kids unite in geek love for YOUR TICKET TO THE UNIVERSE!

YOUR TICKET TO THE UNIVERSE arrives in stores next week!  The book is being published by Smithsonian Books and co-authored by Kimberly Arcand and Megan Watzke, both of whom work closely with NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Filled with breathtaking images of space alongside warm and entertaining pop-culture-relevant captions, YOUR TICKET TO THE UNIVERSE can perhaps best be summed up by the teaser trailer below:

If that doesn't do it for you, though, the book has also been receiving raves across the web in advance of publication.

Young Eyes on Science called it "a brand new treasure for our library of dreams" and lauded its ability to captivate both kids and adults ("Books that can make an adult feel like a 'wide-eyed' kid again are special indeed").  The site also noted, "The true magic of YOUR TICKET TO THE UNIVERSE is the style of writing that supports the breathtaking photography."

Cumbrian Sky praised the book for being "basically a masterclass in astronomy outreach and education. It's as if the authors got together somewhere and decided to put down on paper The Best Astronomy Outreach Presentation Ever, to show everyone else how to do it." The writer also said, "I can't recommend it highly enough."

Universe Today called the book "visually exciting and enjoyable" and stated, "This is my favorite kind of astronomy book." The site has created a giveaway contest for the book, so stop by here and enter before Monday, April 1, to win a copy!

YOUR TICKET TO THE UNIVERSE was recently featured on local TV station WPRI-12 in Providence, Rhode Island, on The Rhode Show. Watch Kimberly Arcand's interview below, in which she speaks about how she became involved in astronomy and why she and co-author Megan Watzke decided to write the book in the first place:

Other advance praise received so far follows:

"This is the 'Goldilocks' book for a reader who wants more than prety pictures but less than a treatise on astrophysics. It's just right, a great ticket to that space between a coffee-table book and a textbook. It contains just enough extra information to understand why these beautiful images of the Universe matter, to us all." --Alyssa Goodman, professor of astronomy, Harvard University

"A delightful jaunt through space and time, equal parts knowing verve and dazzling views." --Dan Vergano, USA Today

"One of the best things we humans can do is try to understand the Universe. With clear language and gorgeous imagery, YOUR TICKET TO THE UNIVERSE is more than just a ticket: it's a field guide to everything there is, and our place in it." --Phil Plait, Bad Astronomy

 Smithsonian Books, April 2013

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