Friday, July 6, 2012

SAILING TO FREEDOM's thrilling trailer and award news

Martha Bennett Stiles's middle grade adventure tale, SAILING TO FREEDOM, was released by Henry Holt this week.  Check out the amazing trailer below!

The book was also recently chosen as the representative book of Kentucky (Stiles lives in Lexington, Kentucky), and it will be presented by the state at the National Book Fest in Washington, D.C. in September!

Here are some of the reviews in so far:

"Adventuresome and enjoyable...Ray's character is appealing, and the plot propels itself forward with storms, sharks, and other seaborne perils." --Kirkus

"Full of danger from wild animals and those who are searching for runaway slaves.  Through the stories of Ray and Ogun, the young reader will gain some understanding of the Underground Railroad and the dangers to all involved, both the slaves who are fleeing to freedom and those who help them." --Children's Literature

Henry Holt, July 2012