Friday, June 22, 2012

C.W. Gortner's THE QUEEN'S VOW taking the world by storm

C.W. Gortner's THE QUEEN'S VOW, a novel about Isabella of Castile, the warrior-queen who united Spain and sent Columbus to America, has been receiving fabulous reviews since its release last week!  Published by Ballantine in the US, the book will also be published in the UK, Germany, and Norway...with more countries on the way.  The book has done incredibly well in the US so far, even reaching #2 on Amazon's Bestsellers in Biographical Fiction list!  Read some of the excellent reviews below:

"A beautifully crafted piece of historical fiction...The fear, joy, and anguish of the story all come together with a beauty and passion that can't be found anywhere in the pages of history books." --RT Book Reviews, 4 1/2 stars

"Isabella is most often remembered as the queen who financed Christopher Columbus's voyage to the Americas, but in this vivid novel, Gortner reveals that she is much more than this.  She is an inspiring young woman who bravely faced the turmoil that surrounded her and managed to hold on to her crown.  Her resolve and courage helped her face the numerous problems in her realm as she and Fernando began to unite Spain.  Gortner has again produced a richly detailed book that is hard to put down." --Historical Novels Review

"Gortner avoids romanticizing and sentimentalizing and presents a believable account of a woman determined to control her own fate and shape Spain into a great country." --Booklist

"Gortner's latest historical novel is set at the beginning of the extremely popular Tudor era, but it feels fresh owing to his choice of subject and the focus on events in Spain rather than England.  It should thus have strong appeal for historical fiction fans looking for a new perspective on a favorite time period." --Library Journal

"[Isabella] is a controversial figure in history, yet Gortner digs deep into her personality to reconcile some of her more difficult decisions with the person he believes she is, and he makes a very convincing case...Gortner is perhaps the best author currently writing historical fiction today.  He balances extensive research with smart, sympathetic characters.  He really gets inside Isabella's head, and it's clear he knows her inside and out.  If you're a fan of historical fiction, Gortner's books are absolutely not to be missed." --S. Krishna's Books Blog

"Gortner has done it again, creating a mesmerizing and unforgettable portrait of Isabella of Castile...What makes Gortner's Isabella so unique is that while she is brave and daring she is also conflicted...In her, we can see ourselves...THE QUEEN'S VOW reminds us that in the end, Isabella was human, a woman of conviction and strength in a time of upheaval, who forged her destiny despite every odd, to become Spain's most beloved queen." --Michelle Moran, internationally bestselling author of NEFERTITI

You can learn more about the book via the beautiful trailer below, or through Gortner's website here: