Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Take a walk on the blonde side

Last month, It Books released THE NEW RULES FOR BLONDES: Highlights from a Fair-Haired Life by stand-up comedian, storyteller, and writer Selena Coppock.

A natural blonde, Coppock was awarded the “Best Hair” superlative in high school and has since embarked on numerous adventures and misadventures in her navigations through a world in which blondes are often considered ditzy, dumb, and vain. Now she has compiled her hilarious hair-care anecdotes and pearls of wisdom into a laugh-out-loud--and witty--essay collection. As Examiner.com noted, “[Coppock] admits she has benefited from some stereotypes, especially the ones about being fun-loving and young. However, she proves repeatedly [throughout THE NEW RULES FOR BLONDES that] she is not dumb nor does she want to play dumb.”

Coppock's particular brand of humor can perhaps best be sampled in her book trailer below:

Since its publication, THE NEW RULES FOR BLONDES has hit media outlets by storm. It was featured in Time Out New York and Glamour, and it is currently part of a give-a-way with She Knows, lasting until May 23 (so enter now!).

In an interview with Yuletide Snapper, Coppock describes why it was important to her to put together these “new rules” in the first place: “Today...things have changed and blondes have evolved. Just look at bold blondes such as Lady Gaga (naturally a brunette but most often seen with blonde hair now) and Hillary Clinton--blondes are killing it in politics, entertainment, and elsewhere, so I wanted to map out a new pathway for all of us.” Read the full interview here.

Meanwhile, over at Motherhood Moment, Coppock describes her favorite “blonde moment” and blonde hero, and she explains how hair color is like a chicken-or-the-egg scenario. Find out more here.

Coppock lists her do's, don'ts, must haves, bests, lasts, and more regarding all things writing related at Chick Lit Is Not Dead. Learn here the importance of setting boundaries in writing, how Coppock overcomes writer's block, and how she celebrated her book deal.

In a guest post at Fresh Fiction, Coppock describes exactly how she became the author of this book, which originated as the brainchild of her blonde agent and blonde editor. Check it out here.

Lastly, in an interview with Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Coppock gets to the heart of one of the deeper themes in her book: self-esteem. Here's an excerpt below, but be sure to read the full piece here.
...the book is fun and informational, but at its core it’s a book trying to encourage self-love.  Girls and women are socialized to be really hard on themselves and each other--we get a lot of grief for how we look or what shape we are and many of us internalize those toxic messages without even knowing that we are.  With THE NEW RULES FOR BLONDES obviously I’m talking about blondeness, but I’m also encouraging the reader to embrace the fact that she is smart and spunky and unique, and who cares what other people think. 

Below we've compiled some of the exciting reviews the book has received so far:

Perfect for the summer…The key to recounting stories like these is making them pop off the page...Thanks to Coppock’s writing style, which I would liken to hanging out with a funny best friend..., she manages to do just that and ends up making reading New Rules a breeze.” --Glamour.com

“Her writing is FUN with a capital F!...Whether you are blonde or not, you will love this book!” --Chick Lit Is Not Dead Blog

“A humorous guide to undermining stereotypes and becoming both self-aware and self-assured...Coppock’s book is both fun and informative, whether or not you’re of the golden-haired persuasion.” --Brooklyn Daily Eagle

“Selena Coppock is hilarious!....THE NEW RULES FOR BLONDES is entertaining for anyone of any hair color who wants to laugh.” --Sweeps4bloggers.com

A must-read for all blondes, those who hate blondes, or anyone with a sense of humor. Otherwise, this is NOT a book for you!” --Kristen Johnston, actress and New York Times bestselling author

“Selena Coppock is a hilarious, sexy bundle of blonde madness. Her willingness to own her magnificent dorkitude is an inspiration to us all. Read this book and fall in weird, awkward love with her.” --Sara Benicasa, author of AGORAFABULOUS!

“Blondes have more fun reading this book, at least this fair-haired broad did. A fresh, fun "lady-guide" that all girls can enjoy...even dumb brunettes. You heard me!” --Jillian Bell, comedian (Saturday Night Live, Workaholics)

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