Thursday, December 13, 2012


Released just last week from Dial, THE FRIDAY SOCIETY by Adrienne Kress is all about steampunk, mystery, and kick-ass heroines. It is centered around three young women: Cora, a lab assistant; Michiko, a combat instruction assistant; and Nellie, a magician's assistant. All three are shown in the breathtaking cover below:

This is a cover you simply have to get your hands on to fully appreciate. It is shiny and metallic, with the title, author's name, and even the three featured characters embossed. Inside, chapter headings are illustrated with gear wheels.

But not only is the cover beautiful, so is the incredible book trailer! gave an exclusive trailer reveal earlier today via its Hollywood Crush site. Now, we bring you the trailer below:

Last week, Kress hosted a Book Launch Party / Steampunk Gala for THE FRIDAY SOCIETY, complete with costumes, steampunk prop and invention displays, and cake. The gala was the site of her own trailer premiere, as well as a reading. She posted a description of the event and many wonderfully fun photos on her blog, which you shouldn't miss; you can view the post here.

THE FRIDAY SOCIETY has received fabulous reviews so far. Below is a sampling:

“Anyone longing for a refreshing, inspiring cast of female heroes will find them in THE FRIDAY SOCIETY...This book is pure fun and adventure, and the author’s casual, irreverent sense of humour is apparent on every page.” --Quill and Quire, starred review

Steampunk meets CHARLIE'S ANGELS...Frothy, sparkly fun.” --Kirkus

“Combines humor and menace in equal proportion...With odd inventions, beautifully described clothing, and skilled heroines, this alternate history offers much to enjoy.” --Publishers Weekly

“Kress does a commendable job of juggling all her plot elements and also in negotiating her story’s tone...An overall sense of frothy fun prevails, bolstered by...three kick-ass females with complementary strengths and distinctive personalities. “ --Horn Book 

“A set of strong female characters and a twisty, surprising and sophisticated plot.” --Romantic Times

“Set in the past but with a modern irreverent flare, this steampunk whodunit introduces three unforgettable and very ladylike—well, relatively ladylikeheroines poised for more dangerous adventures.”

Earnestly, refreshingly different.” --The Book Smugglers Blog

“Basically, THE FRIDAY SOCIETY takes Joss Whedon-esque dialogue, proto-feminism, and superheroes, mixes those things in a blender, then sprinkles them over a murder mystery involving grave robbing, fog, and the destruction of a beloved landmark...It's great fun and these are characters I'd love to hang out with again.” --In Bed with Books Blog

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