Thursday, November 1, 2012

Endless rave reviews for AMBER HOUSE!

Since AMBER HOUSE's release in October, the YA gothic novel has received rave after rave review!  AMBER HOUSE is the first in a trilogy written by mother-daughters team Kelly Moore, Tucker Reed, and Larkin Reed and published by Arthur A. Levine Books/Scholastic.  Below are some of the incredible reviews that have come in so far.  (For more info on the book, view our sneak peek from July here.) 

"Lush descriptions and an intricate plot drive this intense tale, which straddles the lines between magical realism, fantasy, ghost stories, and horror, with a touch of romance and classic glamour. The result is something rich, strange, and utterly fascinating.” --Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Swift plotting combines with vivid, cinematic prose to make this gothic tale compulsively readable, and an unexpected ending elevates the story beyond the genre. Fans of ghost stories will appreciate the classic elements here, from the disembodied voices to the ancestral home with a sordid past, but they will also be pleasantly surprised by the time-bending element that comes into play in the latter half...Complex, elegant, and haunting, this is a book that deserves to be read in one sitting.” --The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books, starred review

"A deliciously creepy beginning to a projected trilogy...What is truly novel is the spin that the [authors] give the direction of the romance, setting this apart from many of the cardboard triangles found in the genre. Those who think that this is a straightforward ghost story will be sorely mistaken: This is a complex, layered tale that bends time and imagination, demanding to be read with all the lights on. Move over Bella Swan: Sarah is a strong, admirable character who’d rather speak her mind than sulk and sigh over some hot guy. Richly woven, with depth and swift plotting that will leave readers clamoring for the sequels.” --Kirkus

"The highly descriptive, lush prose and Sarah’s strong, first-person point of view lends an atmospheric, gothic feel to this first book in a planned trilogy, which stands alone quite well...Deft handling of family dynamics, believable characterization, and twist on the now ubiquitous love triangle will leave readers eager for more.” --Booklist

"If you’re a fan of gothic novels, AMBER HOUSE is like a double fudge brownie a la mode. It has all the troubled history and spookiness your heart could desire, along with...secret passages, and it’s so much fun to read. Fans of ghost stories and time-travel stories should also pick this one up.” --Fantasy Literature Blog

"All the right horror fundamentals...So vividly detailed that the scenes were seamlessly imaginable. This is a story of a broken family, severed by many things: infidelity, running away, alcoholism, lack of communication, mental disability, death, and the unceasing consequence of grief and guilt held for far too long... A good and satisfying read.” --The Midnight Garden Blog 

"Engrossing, riveting—the very definition of a page-turner!...I was so totally absorbed, and can’t put it out of my mind...I cannot recommend this book highly enough!” --Mallory Heart Reviews Blog

"A gothic tale stirring up feelings reminiscent of Bronte’s windy moors and King’s Room 237...For those of you looking for a good 'autumn read,' I highly suggest you pick up AMBER HOUSE. It contains all of the amazing horror elements to keep you looking over your shoulder while also molding in intricate relationships and a deliciously vibrant plot.” --Books Take You Places Blog

"Some scenes literally gave me goose bumps...Rich descriptions...This is an ingenious mind-bending plot.” --The Readers Den Blog 

"A unique and captivating debut...I was hooked from the beginning, and the ending simply left me wanting more.” --Fall Into Books Blog 

"Delightfully dark and gothic." --Misbehavin' Librarian Blog

"Brilliantly touches on family strife and love, issues of mental health, coping with grief, and first love. This mother-daughter trio has a deft touch for tackling the very real, human emotions at the heart of their uber-creepy ghost story.” --Novel Novice Blog

"Authors Kelly Moore, Tucker Reed, and Larkin Reed have crafted a spine-tingling story about family history, loss, scandal, secrets, and the hope that history does not have to repeat itself. Combining the paranormal with a dash of sci-fi, AMBER HOUSE is many things: romantic, genteel, and above all, scary.” --Once Upon a Prologue Blog

To close, we're leaving you with some snapshots of AMBER HOUSE we've spied in bookstores across the nation!  You can buy the print book, e-book, or audio edition (narrated by co-author Tucker Reed) via this link

Co-author Tucker Reed, with AMBER HOUSE shown as a top teen pick
AMBER HOUSE featured on bookstore shelves

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