Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Where do you fit in the world of STARLING?

Lesley Livingston's new YA book, STARLING, will be released in only two weeks!  The first in a trilogy, STARLING blends Norse, Greek, and Egyptian mythologies in a paranormal showstopper.  As an award-winning author, Livingston excels in this realm.  She is also the author of the WONDROUS STRANGE trilogy, blending fairie lore and Shakespearean plays, and ONCE EVERY NEVER (the beginning of another trilogy), blending Celtic warriors and time travel.

To prepare for the release of her newest, Livingston created a quiz where readers can find out which STARLING character they are most like.  A few of us in the office took the quiz, and we uncovered an array of intriguing results: Two of us were the image-obsessed, handsome and talented fencer, Calum Aristarchos.  Another of us was the mega-popular Heather Palmerston, beautiful and intimidating and a bit of an ice queen, but with a wounded heart beneath the frost.  Meanwhile, Livingston herself took the test and came out as Rory Starling, Mason's rude, annoying older brother, who may have more of an evil streak than anyone gives him credit for.  It seems there's a dearth of heroines and heroes over here, as not one of us was one of the protagonists: the spunky fencer extraordinaire Mason Starling and the hunky and troubled Fennrys Wolf.  Find out which character you're most like--and whether you're one of the good ones, the bad ones, or the vain ones--by clicking here.

For more about the world of STARLING, visit Livingston's Pinterest page here.  For the latest news and updates, navigate to Livingston's Facebook fan page here and her Goodreads page here.

STARLING has already received several wonderful reviews before its release, including these below:

"Livingston's intense novel will be popular with readers across genres; its incorporation of romance, mystery, intrigue, and magic, as well as the strength of the main characters, will appeal to an audience beyond those dedicated to fantasy fiction." --VOYA

"Thrilling and intense; pulls you along like the inevitable rush toward Ragnarok." --Julie Kagawa, New York Times bestselling author of THE IRON FEY series

"A must read for all mythology fans!" --Josephine Agelini, internationally bestselling author of STARCROSSED

And last but not least, the following full, rave review from Publishers Weekly reveals a few more plot tidbits:

The Fennrys Wolf [who last appeared in the third of Livingston's WONDROUS STRANGE trilogy] is bigger and badder than Red Riding Hood ever imagined, and he's just landed in Manhattan--tumbling naked through a stained glass skylight, sword in hand.  Few recognize him as the harbinger of Ragnarok, the end of the world, but many of those in the know are connected with Gosforth Academy, where the privileged, beautiful scions of the super-rich are expensively educated.  Fennrys saves the fencing team from an inhuman onslaught with the timely assistance of Mason Starling, the team's Olympic hopeful.  Each goes away from the encounter feeling a strange connection with the other, but Fennrys doesn't know who or what he is, and Mason discovers that she doesn't know herself much better.  Livingston chooses action over introspection in this series launch, and lays out the plot in short scenes from various points of view that are kaleidoscopic without drawing readers too far into any one character.  Like a stylish TV pilot, there are special effects and eye candy galore, making for a quick, pulse-pounding read.

HarperTeen, August 2012

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