Wednesday, May 9, 2012

THE DAY THE WORLD DISCOVERED THE SUN--"a scientific adventure tale"--out now

Mark Anderson's THE DAY THE WORLD DISCOVERED THE SUN has just been released!  Phenomenal reviews already abound for this book that chronicles the adventures of 18th century scientists traversing the globe to observe the Venus transit, or Venus's passage across the face of the sun.  (You can learn more details about the book from our previous blog posting here.)  THE DAY THE WORLD DISCOVERED THE SUN will be featured in the journal Nature, and it was recently featured in the magazine Discover.  Below is a sampling of the excellent reviews thus far:

"In this exciting tale--part detective story, part history of science--Anderson vividly recreates the torturous explorations and enthralling discovery of three peripatetic and insatiably curious explorers."  --Publishers Weekly

"A scientific adventure tale in which astronomers risk their lives, traveling the high seas in winter, trekking over ice-bound Siberia and facing deadly diseases...A lively, fitting tribute to 'mankind's first international "big science" project.'" --Kirkus

"Anderson has written an exciting chronicle...This is a fine combination of popular science and real-life adventure that will appeal to a broad spectrum of readers." --Booklist

"Read it...for an armchair travel adventure."  --The Roanoke Times

Anderson has given several interviews regarding the process of writing the book and the adventures of the scientists who made history.  Below is a video interview introducing the book:

Anderson was also interviewed for a podcast with IEEE Spectrum Magazine.  You can listen to the full podcast by following this link, but for a taste of what to look forward to, below is one of the questions Anderson was asked by the interviewer: 
This book...has more ups and downs than the Alps.  Besides ambitious astronomers and fortune-seeking horologists, it's got murderous banditos in New Spain, suspicious Russian villagers, Tahitian women trading views of their breasts for anything made of iron, and at least two actually mad, as in insane, European kings.  Did you know when you went into this research what a wild ride this story would be?
The last Venus transit of this century will occur on June 5, 2012.  Celebrate the event by reading the quintessential book for the moment, THE DAY THE WORLD DISCOVERED THE SUN!
Da Capo Press, May 2012

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