Friday, March 16, 2012

Rave reviews keep rolling in

THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST by Emily Danforth has been receiving rave reviews like no other!  After its release in February, it received four starred reviews (Booklist, Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, and Library Journal) and was reviewed in numerous locations, from NPR to Seventeen MagazineKirkus named the book its Critics' Best Book Pick, Publishers Weekly named it a Pick of the Week, Amazon named it a Best Book of the Month, and the book was profiled in USA Today and Entertainment Weekly.

Below is an update of all the reviews that have come in since our last post at the end of January!  (To check out the older reviews, just click on the "Danforth" label and scroll down.)

"This finely crafted, sophisticated coming-of-age debut novel is multilayered, finessing such issues as loss, first love, and friendship.  An excellent read for both teens and adults." --Library Journal, starred review

"Powerful...Danforth is a talented wordsmith who recounts...experiences not only with impeccable phrasing but emotional and visual clarity, drilling down into individual moments and dwelling there in slow motion to help readers experience Cameron's hopes and fears...Danforth has crafted a story that's likely to be remembered long after readers of any sexual orientation have put it down." --Los Angeles Times

"You'll love it if you've ever struggled to come to terms with a part of yourself that you fear others might not accept.  MISEDUCATION is incredibly well-written, and stays light-hearted throughout, even as Cam faces serious social prejudices and her own internal dilemmas." --Seventeen Magazine

"Danforth's writing style is multilayered in the best way, with a gradual, deliberate accretion of details that creates a resonant whole.  This is a book that invites lingering--and not only on the scenes of young love that might become dog-eared at the library--though, if you're like me, you'll speed through the story, unable to tear yourself away from Cameron's meticulously rendered life.  Describing a book as 'important' is a compliment, but it can also seem to detract from its literary quality--as if its significance is more about its message than its sentences.  MISEDUCATION is indeed an important book--especially for teens growing up today in communities that don't accept them for who they are.  But it is also a skillfully and beautifully written story that does what the best books do: It shows us ourselves in the lives of others." --National Public Radio

"Nuanced, complex character[s]...Cameron is a memorable heroine with an unforgettable and important story to tell, and she does so with wit, emotion, and depth." --Bulletin for the Center of Children's Books

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