Friday, February 3, 2012

Ellen Potter interviewed in Publishers Weekly for THE HUMMING ROOM

Ellen Potter (author of THE KNEEBONE BOY and the OLIVIA KIDNEY series) has refashioned Frances Hodgson Burnett's classic THE SECRET GARDEN into a contemporary tale in her new book out this February.  Publishers Weekly interviewed Potter about the unique process of writing the book, titled THE HUMMING ROOM.  You can read the whole article at this link, but to whet your appetite, here's a sampling below! 

Q: How did you tackle the actual writing of THE HUMMING ROOM?

A: The idea of writing a contemporary version of THE SECRET GARDEN was very exciting to me, yet at the same time it was very, very intimidating.  I knew I needed to follow the original story line--or that I wanted to--but I knew I had to make it different enough that it would be worthwhile for people to read my novel. 

The book has already gotten multiple astounding reviews.  Don't miss this one!

"Noteworthy...Potter, with classic and contemporary storytelling flair, deftly interweaves fantasy, mystery, suspense, and realism.  Beautifully wrought, elegant prose combines with vivid setting details and diversely-drawn characters to affectingly portray themes of loneliness and grief.  Roo is a memorable character--her experiences prove transformative in unexpected ways and, ultimately, her complexities and growth ring true.  Poignant without sentimentality, this is a compelling read that is certain to resonate--and linger--with young readers." --Booklist, starred review

"Potter pays graceful tribute to the spirit of [THE SECRET GARDEN].  The author borrows plot elements effectively, yet her strong characterizations, fluid dialogue, and evocative descriptions give the novel a vibrant life of its own...Potter lavishes attention on the gothic island setting and Roo's uncle's estate; it's a thrilling ghost story, but one that, like the story it's drawn from, has love and rebirth at its heart." --Publishers Weekly, starred review

"The author has created a fresh tale with a strong-willed heroine...An homage to a cherished classic that can work as a companion piece or stand alone." --Kirkus

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