Friday, July 16, 2010

Astounding reviews for COMMUTERS by Emily Gray Tedrowe

"In her wonderfully cohesive debut novel, short-story writer Tedrowe graduates to elegant novelist with a winding, convincing familial drama about the ties that bind and the bonds that bend to the breaking point....From her first steps into the story, Winnie is the most winning member of a multifaceted cast....the author’s deft handling of a large and distinctive cast should win raves from those who revel in this sort of ensemble crazy quilt. A lovely and literate family drama that wins bonus points for its sincerity and open-hearted delivery." --Kirkus

"[An] impressive debut novel." --Chicago Sun-Times

"Tedrowe is an exceptionally adept first-time novelist, creating a thoroughly engrossing plot, redolent settings, and intriguing characters coping valiantly with fear, terrible decisions, and the bewitchment of money. Tedrowe’s tale of family conflict, shelter, love, and loss is suspenseful, funny, and tender." --Booklist

"Tedrowe...shows great promise in her compassionate, nuanced depiction of love--among the old and young alike--and her confident handling of alternating, multigenerational narrators." --Publisher's Weekly

"The reader feels sympathy for Tedrowe's characters, even when they behave badly, and through the various threads, Tedrowe reminds us that love transcends social and monetary boundaries....This New England family drama will be a good book club selection." --Library Journal

Plus, COMMUTERS was a "Best New Paperback" featured in Entertainment Weekly, an IndieNext Notable Pick for August, and a Target "Breakout Book" selection for August! Congrats to Emily!

Harper Perennial June 2010

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