Monday, February 1, 2010

Special Sneak Peek: Potter's KNEEBONE BOY Cover Art!!

Ellen Potter's KNEEBONE BOY is scheduled for Fall 2010 publication, yet news about the title is already spreading through the blogosphere.

Ellen Potter is featured as a guest blogger on MacKids, offering up her enthusiasm for the absolutely stunning cover art that has just been finalized for KNEEBONE BOY!

Fuse 8, a School Libary Journal blog, picked up the story and ran with it in a post of their own--as did Bookshelves of Doom, which offered the following prediction:

"This book cover is so very gorgeous that it will tempt so very many readers currently unaware of Ellen Potter's fantabulous storytelling, characters and general writing skillz . . . with
this new book, she will become the NYT Bestselling Author with Legions Upon Legions of Fans that she SHOULD be . . ."

Fingers crossed for oh-so-fantastic Ellen Potter!!

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