Monday, August 10, 2009

Lucinda Roy in Newseek, USA Today

The always-insightful Lucinda Roy was twice featured in major publications in the past two weeks. Her reflections on US race relations in the Obama era, sparked by the controversial arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates last month, was published in USA Today at the end of July, and has swiftly been followed by an article in Newsweek this past Friday that discusses how writing can help students and parents get--and stay--connected. Check 'em out!

. . . balanc[es] sympathy over an anguished soul with horror over his presence. Filled with a poet's mastery of tactile details. Calm analysis only highlights the urgency of Roy's warning that fundamental problems . . . need to be addressed lest similar tragedies recur." --Kirkus Reviews

Heartbreaking . . . infused with startling moments . . . conveys the anguish of being caught up [as] an accidental actress in am American melodrama." --Washington Post

Harmony Books March 2009

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